A couple of questions about used strings


Jun 26, 2011
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I am going to put Aquilas (low G!) on my Concert uke today. The current strings have barely been used. Can I use them again? Would they work on a Soprano uke that is only slightly better than a toy?

How often should I change strings? How do you know if they are worn out?

Thank you.
If you think it's time to change the strings...it probably is. It depends on how hard you play and how often. Too many factors to give you a solid number. When I start to think about changing strings, I do.

Also, if the strings aren't that bad or old but I just don't want them on there, I frequently reuse them on smaller instruments. I say go for it!
I agree with Skitzic, if the strings aren't worn reuse them. I swap string around a lot trying different types on different ukes.
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