A little fun with 2222 and 1111


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Apr 6, 2010
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This is my latest original, it uses only two chord shapes, six chords total. The first 16 bars are just 1111 and 2222 alternating. Thelonious Monk was the master of this harmonic device, which is partly why I called the song "Thelonièsque".

The form for the first 32 bars is AABA. The B section is just a 4564 shape moving up and down the neck, ending the phrase at 0120. After the first 32 bars, I just alternate the B section with the A (1111/2222) section.

The idea for the lyrics came to me after an argument with a friend, where I tried to convince him that a made up word is still a word "according to the dictionary", even if it is not IN the dictionary.

My apologies for being pontificatory. :)

Very fun.. I will have to play this one for my 15 yr old son.. I may start the same debate with him!!
Thanks for sharing, made me smile for sure!
Great tune! I really enjoyed this! Thelonièsque - I may have to begin saying that myself. Sort of reminds me of how my friends and I used to describe certain songs or bands as "Beatle-y". lol I LOVE Monk, by the way!
I really like this :)
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