A Little Guitar. A travsty version of Minor Swing.


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Nov 20, 2013
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Travesty.....travesty version :rolleyes:I did this for the seasons of the ukulele,I did it because I love the tune. I did it because I never play it the same way.......I guess that's Gypsy Jazz....Continually moving ..............

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I thoroughly enjoyed that; what kind of strings are you using? is that a 20" scale small guitar?

Great job on playing that tune.
It's a cheapo 1/2 size Gear for Guitars (https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-a...ssical-Guitar-Pack-Natural-by-Gear4music/19EK) 22" scale guitar. Out of the box it will on;y tune G to g, but I moved the strings across an added a real guitar string for the bass E and tune it E to e....I call it my bariguilele to sneak in under the ukulele definition. I love ukes (soprano/concert) but think if you are going bari ,get a 6 er. Thanks for the listen.
I actually bought the same guitar for my granddaughter a few months ago, and for what it cost I was very impressed. More than good enough to have some fun with as you have here. This was fun to listen to, well done and thanks for sharing.

'Tis excellent value for the money. My only "gripe" was that the strings supplied would not tune E to e so had to be moved across the fretboard and a new sized bass string added. But for the money it's great !!

Thanks for having a listen.

I was looking for advice on buying strings not so long ago and found pages in social networks of shops and musicians. During the quarantine period, for many, the blocks and channels of social networks became relevant. And I followed the advice of the musicians. There were even video tutorials.
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