A New Poll!! Did you play/practice a string instrument for at least a year before starting ukulele?

Did you play/practice a string instrument for at least a year before starting ukulele?

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Jul 14, 2019
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Polls are back! Thought I would start with a simple one. Votes for this poll are not public and you have to vote to see the results. The answer to this poll is something I've wondered about for a while. (And thanks to Tim for getting Polls back on the forum!)
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Interesting how today I've answered threads basically the same. I played guitar for almost 50 years before I took up the uke in mid 2013. Was a fairly easy transition going to a re-entrant tenor uke. Once I got into it, I never touched my guitars again and gave them to my nephew.

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Polls are back! Thought I would start with a simple one. Votes for this poll are not public and you have to vote to see the results.

I just wanted to note, good on ya for taking control of the options in the settings panel, and setting it up YOUR way. I like showing results because I'm lazy and don't want to click on the Show Results button, but your way is probably better for getting results that aren't influenced by "the crowd" (not that we're much of a crowd, and certainly not a mob!)

I'm really enjoying learning something from everybody's very different approaches to these!

PS. I also edited the thread name to add the subject of the poll, along with the announcement that it's a poll! There might be folks who don't care to vote, but still want to participate in the discussion. I noted this on the poll thread that @Arcy started, where there's a lot of engaged and engaging conversation, but as yet, no voting. That's fine! We're all about choosing your own adventure here. ☺️ People who want to vote can vote, people who want to discuss can discuss.
30 years after playing guitar with steel strings for a couple of years, my fingers finally (maybe) stopped hurting and feeling numb. I tried a concert ukulele and they did not hurt after 30 minutes! The rest is history...
Never touched a guitar or piano or any other stringed instrument. I just saw a video of an employee of a music store. She was one of those mousy, smouldering, sexy librarian and I was like "dang! she's hot" and then I committed to buying a Cordoba uke...the same as what she was playing. And then I just proceeded and progressed on my own regardless of my sexist and objectivist origins.
The question "Did you play/practice a string instrument" is kind of vague. Yeah, I tried every "stringed thing" I could get my hands on, even a homemade washtub bass. Was I good enough at any of them? No. (Well. maybe the W/T bass.)

However, I never gave up! This "ukulele thing" has me playing and singing for the first time in my going on 74 year's life.

I am finally happy and whole.
Tried mandolin in college but the teacher said I was too mechanical and I gave up. Tried uke about 10 years ago. I'm not good by any stretch of the imagination but its just for me. I couldn't dance anymore so I needed to find something to have fun with
Played guitar for over 40 years, had to quit because an arm injury made it too painful. Father-in-law gave me a 1950s harmony uke, and I've been playing since 2009 - with no pain whatsoever.
Violin for 15ish years (length of time does not demonstrate competence in this case), mandolin for a couple of years, uke last Feb. Just tried the Merlin Seagull this Nov.
Flute & percussion in grade school & jr. high. Guitar briefly in high school. Mandolin for a bit after college. Then a several decade gap before going back to guitar, and from there to uke, bass, and piano. Still picking up the mandolin now and again, but not enough to keep skills sharp, and it's an instrument that sounds awful when misplayed. My instructor used to go on and on about "snake tones" from strings ringing out of control. I'm much better at snake tones than chop chords
I started with guitar about 1960, mouth harp in the early sixties, mandolin about 1970, banjo circa 1975, and dabbled in a bunch of other instruments before taking up the uke after the turn of the century.
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Like most kids in Hawaii in the 70s, I learned to play the D7-G7-C vamp and the F chord almost by osmosis. Ukes were everywhere and it was just one of those things kids did. I didn't really play or study uke though.

I did take to playing the classical guitar though and my uke playing came as a natural extension of that.

So that's why I voted yes. I didn't "get" playing the uke until I understood music through studying the guitar. Playing bass came the same way - as an extension of guitar playing.

Now I only play ukulele but will fill in on guitar or bass if the need arises, though I don't particularly enjoy it.
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