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Dec 12, 2011
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Far North Central Illinois
I'lll be using a MS Surface 3 running Win 10 because that is what I have. The camera is acceptable, but the internal mic is not. I do not want to get into a preamp or mixer at this point, so just a PC and a USB-powered mic. I do have Audacity.

The Blue Yeti gets good reviews. Any other suggestions?

I did read this:


...and this:



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I have had quite good results with a Konami USB mic originally designed for Singstar, an old Playstation game.

Failing that, I bought a Neat Widget mic for my dad recently. Gibson (who owned them) went into administration and they are currently on sale at rock bottom prices. It is astonishingly good for the price for a home mic provided you like its looks (I do!).
I see that you found a few of my old posts :)

Before I bought my Yeti I researched the internet quite a bit.

Other "high end consumer" USB microphones often mentioned are Rode NT USB and Audio Technica AT2020USB+.
I picked the Yeti partly because a good offer was available. I am pretty happy with it, but might have tried one of the others if it had come in handy.
I see the AT2020 is XLR only and will require a preamp or mixer for use. The Blue Yeti, Rode NT, and At2020+ all connect via USB; that's what I'm looking for. It's down to Blue Yeti.

Reading specs and reviews: https://thehomerecordings.com/blue-yeti-vs-at2020/

OK, watched both videos (and his review of the Rode NT) in the review. Very helpful. I'm not sure how important a gain knob on the mic is...?

Shopping.: I'm leaning Yeti, as it is the only one with a gain knob. I can see it being a very handy feature.
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