A Seasonista Wrote This...stuff

During this Lockdown Meltdown Madness and associated boredom a group of usually itinerant mostly but now most definitely stationary

minstrels have started a Random Word Song Writing challenge. My first word was "Strike". I am not a great songsmith, I haven't written anything for
about 10 years ,having spent the previous 50 not writing anything much either...there as a blip of about 14 months in between when I tried it , but it didn't take. I loathe poetry (my problem ,I know). So this stretched me a bit . It's pants , but hey we all have to suffer in this strange period we are hot dogging through !!!

The Word was "Strike" : Slight hiccup with synchronisation methinks....and the hastily typed lyric sheet fell on the floor...the computer fan is grinding...so situ normal at Jarvo Towers then !!

I was blown away that one of my favourite musicians on YT covered an original of mine!
Cover of Hiding in Plain Sight by the prolific Bernie Armstrong, written in 2015 for a transgender friend. Thanks Bernie, for letting me cover this song.

A new original song that just came to me late one night — and it was kinda crazy when it happened! I feel like there is a movie that plays over and over in my mind whenever I sing this song — but, oddly, it feels all so real to me and perhaps what I am singing about really happened to me in another time, in another place. Who knows.

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