"A spy in love" (Herb Ohta-San/Jim Beloff) and Live from UFF (Ukulelefest Franken)

Jan Haasler

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Dec 25, 2021
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Today I share some newer clips.
After two great ukulelefestivals I am looking forward the Berliner Ukulelefestival this year.

The ALUHA was an intime and intense festival with a great lineup. The UFF in Erlangen was a well organized fest with a different flavour but also more than great (thanks for those).

I finally played that tune live at the UFF Ukulelefest in Erlangen last week but I forgot to ask someone to capture my set in the evening concert. I played through the microphone that eve an on my Martin Style 0. The piece is written by Jim Beloff and inspired by Herb Ohta-San. So here is a home version from that tune via amplification. A different sound but not a different playing and player ;)

Andreas Rottmann (formerly "The Ukuleleaves") and Julian Maruschke created a great fest with lots of supporters. The open Mic, the workshops, the sing along and many more.... they had it all and also a nice venue and the concert felt comfortable and self challenging at the same time.
Here - as I always do when possible: invite musicians on my stage to jam together - I perform with Andreas Bördlein (Clawhammer Ukulele - Ukulele am Limit) "If I needed you" by Townes Van Zandt.

Have good days.
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