Aaron Keim (The Quiet American) North Carolina - Nov 7th Workshop and Mini Concert


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Aug 15, 2011
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Extremely excited to announce that Aaron Keim (The Quiet American) will be offering a Workshop and Mini-concert North Carolina. Here's the details:
Date: Nov 7th
Place: Durham NC - 5103 Revere Road - Baha'i Community Center
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Cost: $20

I'm a huge fan of Aaron's music and when he discussed coming to the area I jumped at the opportunity to host an event. Having attended one of Aaron's workshops, and seeing The Quiet American perform, I was having a difficulty time deciding on how to host the event. We ultimately decided on having the best of both worlds... workshop/mini-concert. Aaron will soon be finishing a fingerstyle uke book and his workshop will be based on this. Immediately following the workshop, he will do a short set. I'm sure there will also be a few minutes to just hang out at the end.

As excited as I am to host Aaron, I'm also hoping this is a venue to meet a bunch of North Carolina UUers. If you plan on attending, please reply to the thread or send me a PM. I'll send you my cell and email incase you have any questions. I'd also love to get an approximate head count.

Thanks all. Hope to see you Nov 7th.
Here's what Aaron said about the workshop.
"Fingerstyle Ukulele- Techniques adapted from banjo and guitar are a great way to arrange music for the ukulele. Arrangements using fingerstyle techniques can make the ukulele sound like a whole "orchestra," with melody and accompaniment played at the same time! Students can expect to work on learning a picking pattern, incorporating the melody into the picking pattern and adjusting the picking pattern to suit other songs. The ability to read music or tablature will be a big help for this workshop but not a requirement. All levels welcome."
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That sounds like a blast! Aaron is a great musician wish I wasn't so faraway. Terry and I caught a show in Eugene at a small intimate place and it was awesome. Grab a little video if you can would love to see it.
I hope you have a Great turnout Josh
Awesome. Thanks Josh!

I'm in. Looking forward to meeting Aaron, as I too am a huge fan and really enjoyed the bluegrass tabs!

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(Durham, NC)
Can't wait for the workshop this Thursday. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see lots of folks. To wet your appetite, here's a recent vid Aaron did from his new fingerstyle book.

Thanks for sharing this on the Raleigh Ukulele Club Facebook page. I'm going to try to attend...and will bring my cherished Mya-Moe uke! :)
Thanks for sharing this on the Raleigh Ukulele Club Facebook page. I'm going to try to attend...and will bring my cherished Mya-Moe uke! :)

Cool! Looking forward to meeting another local UUer.
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