Accidentally tuned low G string an octave higher - did I damage my new uke?


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Mar 26, 2024
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Hello! As a super beginner to music in general, I'm feeling very grateful for this supportive community. I'm hoping for some insight during my current slight panic.

Right before I was to leave for work today, I received a beautiful Ohana tk-50g in the mail. I requested that Mim string them with Worth brown strings (low G). I was excited and impatient and I decided to try to tune the uke before I left - but I didn't slow down enough to consider that the tuning app I've been using would be set to standard tuning. Thus, I tuned her up an entire octave higher - to a high G (I retuned to high G a few times before I noticed my mistake).

After tuning down, there is a pretty consistent low buzzing noise related to the G string and it sounds pretty warped when I play.

I inspected the uke and noticed that the point where the G string meets the bridge has a small groove from the tension, and i'm wondering if I damaged the bridge and need to replace it? Or maybe the string is just wonky from being incorrectly tuned and still needing to settle in general from being brand new?
The string has been stretched way beyond its intended limit and should be replaced. I'm amazed (and happy) that it didn't break at that high tension. Low G strings are available individually. Send Mim a note, I'm confident she can fix you up.

Unlike nylon strings, fluorocarbons tend to become "rubbery" (and go flat - if they don't break) when grossly overtightened.
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