Ahhh, Those Dodgers

Well... that did not end quite like I expected... and ended EXACTLY as I expected at the same time!

I thought the Dodgers would sweep Arizona and then come up short against Atlanta...

But the ending was practically inevitable:

Kershaw not able to come up big in his start, even with extra rest... He always seems to crumple on the biggest stages.

Manager Dave Robert's questionable handling of his pitching staff AGAIN! I was just as shocked as Jessica Mendoza was about the pitching choices made in Game 2...

And Mookie Betts falling asleep for the series... 0 for 11 with a walk...

And, underneath it all: The Dodgers can't seem to quit signing pitchers who are bad citizens... Urias? Should have dropped him after the first incident... Trevor Bauer? He was bad news before the Dodgers signed him and they should have known better.

Another season of anguish for the 100 win Dodgers...

The only questions that remains is: Will Dave Roberts keep his job once again? Probably... they love him there and it seems he can do no wrong in the eyes of the owners... But maybe the second quick exit dished up by an seemingly inferior team will do the trick this time!

One Ironic note: The two teams in the AL series are both being led by former Giants managers who both led the Giants to the World Series.

Maybe we should have kept them... :unsure:
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What a miserable, humiliating and depressing ending for the second year in a row! The Dodgers have been great in the regular season but without starting pitching they didn’t stand a chance. At least I’ll always have the memory of seeing the Kirk Gibson hr in the ’88 World Series.
OK- I failed in my prediction miserably... I thought the Dodgers would sweep Arizona... not the other way around. I predicted they would meet up with the Braves. I'm now batting (0-2)... and I said the Giants would finish 10 games over 0.500.

Strike 3... I'm out!
Now I’m watching the d-backs get their butts kicked by the Phillies which piles on the misery for dodgers fans 😒
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