UU Podcast Aldrine and Aaron’s Stories from the Road | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #85

Touring Washington, Audience Interaction, Bending & Recommendations​

The boys are back, and ready to share some stories from the road. Before they jump into it, Aldrine demonstrates the most common problem people have with bending and how they can fix it. The guys thank everyone for coming to their shows, and talk about Kaniho's experience of touring for the first time. Aldrine shares his story of an Old Man and a Dog, and the ensuing banter. Aaron recounts a mystery he encountered while in Seattle, and the surprising turns of fate. The podcast ends with some quick recommendations for a loop pedal, budget ukulele, and strings.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0.08 Aaron the Face, and Kahai the anonymous

2:50 What is the most common problem people have with bending?

6:00 Second tip for bending

7:10 Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Washington shows

11:45 Kaniho first time touring the mainland

15:30 Aldrine's Story: The Old Man and The Dog

19:35 Aldrine had great banter that night

23:10 Can't compete with a Dog

30:35 Aldrine got lectured

33:45 Show Etiquette

39:05 Aaron's Story: The Aaron Nakamura Incident

45:00 The Mystery Deepens

51:10 Aaron and Kaniho went up the Space Needle

53:15 Spider-man Meme

58:00 What are the chances?

1:03:25 The Best Hawaiian Cultural Festival

1:05:20 Playing as a trio

1:08:30 Thank You Oceana Ukuleles, STRUM Group, & the Live Aloha Festival

1:12:20 Loop Pedal Recommendations

1:13:20 Budgeting for Ukulele Tip

1:15:05 String Recommendations

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