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Apr 18, 2020
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I will be playing my first gig in a month or so--with a steel drum player and a keyboard player, so I'll need some amplification. Since it's my first time playing live and I don't know how often I'll be doing this, I thought of starting off simply, by getting an iRig Acoustic Stage with a Roland Mobile Cube (the latest model is called a Mobile BA). That takes care of the ukulele part of the equation but if I/we sing, what will be needed—a microphone and stand? Any suggestions on a mic?
It looks like that amp does not have 48v so get a dynamic mic. I've been using a Samsung that cost $35, which looks very much like the Shure SM58. Here's a Behringer for $25 at B&H that should work fine.

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+1 on a Behringer dynamic. For vocals, the Behringer XM8500 is a great mic. It has a considerably higher output than an SM58 (so needs less gain at the mixer) and has better intelligibility. it's also "nearly" feedback-proof, within reason. It's a bargain at $20. I've used several of them for at least 5 years with no problems. Works great on a stand, but has some handling noise if you don't hold it still.

The Behringer SL85S was awful.

I just looked at the Roland Mobile Cube specs. It does not have an XLR mic input. It has what looks like a 1/4" unbalanced TS (Tip Sleeve) mic input. The above mic has a balanced XLR output which is Male. Most good mics are like this. With that amp, you would have to buy an XLRF to1/4" TS cable to use any balanced mic. The balanced mic would plug onto the XLRF end of the cable.

Otherwise, with the Cube, you will have to use some type of unbalanced mic with a TS cable, which would be (are) notorious for poor quality sound and very prone to feedback.

If you want to stay with Roland, they have the BA-330 which has the correct XLR inputs for mics, and 1/4"TS for instruments. Also, it can be mounted on a standard tripod speaker stand.

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Thank you for the recommendations! All this is completely new to me. I picked the Roland because it got a great review on GottaUkulele, is inexpensive and has decent features. The BA-330 is quite a bit more and I don't want to spend that much, as I'm just starting out, although it would be nice to get an amp that I don't have to replace to move into something better. Wiggy, if you're saying I can use the Cube with the Behringer mic if I get an XLRF to 1/4" TS cable, that's an inexpensive fix. A quick look found those cables for around $10.
Yes. That's a typical price for the cable. Get one at least 12-15 feet long. Putting a mic on a stand will use up a good 4-5 feet just for the height (and another 1 or 2 to plug it into the amp).

Also, a 1/4" TS will plug directly into any common guitar amp, and if your careful dialing it in (volume and tone controls) one could be used as a separate vocal PA.

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Wow this thread is a good reminder on how costs of the hobby can explode once you get into more serious performing or recording territory. Good luck with the gig and I hope you will be able to recoup some of the investment.
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