And Now for Something Completely Different...

That should satisfy the "I need it to be wider at the nut" brigade.

John Colter
"powerboats aren't allowed on my local waterways"

Rowlocks - fulcrum!

John Colter
I want to see the construction pics. 2x2's in the gobar deck?
This is actually listed as Guinness World Record holder but I think it is photoshopped. I'm surprised that the Guinness people fell for it. It is pretty well done but note that the lighting is a bit off. The dead giveaway is that the second string just seems to disappear about halfway up the fretboard and there is nothing at the string post. Unfortunately it is a hoax. I think.

Actually it's legit...
The Ukulele is 3.99 m (13 ft 1.08 in) long and is a scaled up Soprano. Build Cost $600 so its good value for its size.

Other Uke world records...
Longest time playing the Uke in one session... 30 hours 2 minutes.
Largest music lesson... 2,869 people learning the Uke.
Largest Ukulele ensemble... 8,065 people playing 'Amazing Grace'.
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Several similar sized facsimiles were burned at the first few Burning Uke Camp outs.


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