Andy Bumatai's The Daily Pidgin

Uncle Rod Higuchi

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Jul 13, 2009
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Seattle, WA
OK Gangy, I just found this a few days ago... and haven't stopped laughing yet!

For all you 'migrated Hawaiians' who need a taste of Paradise... old-style, do yourselves a favor and YouTube 'Andy Bumatai, pidgin' and get ready for some gut-busting laughs!

this is a public service announcement for all the migrated Hawaiians who check out the UU Forums pages :)

Even if you're not a migrated Hawaiian, but kinda/sorta knows about and understands Hawaiian Pidgin English vocab and usage, you will get a kick out of these short programs.

malama pono, brahs and titas, :)
The segments good fun just fo listen to. He ste on hiatus right now, had to tek his madda to Oregon fo one her friends an should resume in April . . . eh Rod you wen check out HPE = Hawaiian Pidgin English on FB, mosly local folk an ohne tawk pidgin.
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