aNueNue USA Grand Opening!!!!!!!!!

Great episode you guys, very entertaining. Aaron is a wealth a knowledge and there’s always something to learn from him.
Been trying to get specifics for the exclusive USA line. Hope it's something like the Lightbird :)
sound samples of the U, S, C and T models were posted on youtube a couple of weeks ago, but still nothing on the website...

Some new ones coming, posted on YT as the Dream Series, but no descriptions yet thing on the website. Not sure which are solid, which laminate.

The T4 tenor with cedar top and acacia B&S sounds nice to me. I'm assuming it's a solid cedar top.
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I emailed aNueNue USA last week about their new ukes. Email from Nov 22.

We are expecting a inventory shipment in December. We will make an announcement soon.
The Hawaiian Dream series seem something one can look forward to these days. From the initial sound samples on their YT channel I really like one of their maghogany (solid top or all solid? not sure yet) models.
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