Buying Tips? Anyone own an Ibanez EWP Piccolo guitar ?

I need buying advice!


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Jul 24, 2017
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Oklahoma and Arizona
I just saw one of these on reverb and am curious is anyone owns one...I have a guilele on order, and am wondering if this would be comparable with uke strings on it. and while not a uke, it does have the scale length of a tenor uke at 17 has steel strings, but I am wondering if a person could string it up with baritone uke strings and it would sound "okay" only interest here is that I own 3 Ibanez guitars and am really impressed with the quality of their guitars, considering the money especially. Thanks in advance.
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OK, I sit corrected and changed it tenor uke...still doesn't answer my question if anyone owns one of these.
I almost bought one last week and I am still tempted. But you do not need to own one to see that they use acoustic guitar strings, not plastic strings. Using plastic strings would be like putting Classical Guitar strings on an Acoustic Guitar. It might work, but it wont make much noise.

I think it will use normal acoustic guitar string sets, tuned A to A instead of E to E.

The price is the major barrier for me at present, I have several guitars and do not really need to spend the money on another one.

I do have some nylon string guitarleles with the tenor size body, they use classical guitar strings and are much easier to take out on road trips and travel than a full size classical guitar. I think an EWP would compare the same way to a full size acoustic guitar. The smaller size also makes them easier to keep out of harms way when you are on a road trip or outside.

Bill, thanks for that information...I think I will pass on getting one. I have a low budget guilele on order that is supposed to be here by end of July,,,If I like it, I think I will upgrade to a Pono guilele.
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