April 30, Hop and Uke Fest @ Adventure Brewing, Fredericksburg, VA

Just a reminder of our 𝘍𝘙𝘌𝘌* ukulele workshops on April 30 @ Adventure Brewing in Fredericksburg, VA:


2:30 PM in the Event Room – Unlocking the Rhythm (Confident beginner and above, baritone friendly). (Christopher)

Learn how to figure out rhythmic patterns and how to apply them to ukulele building from the ground up. Starting off with a firm foundational strum is the first goal while adding new techniques throughout. We’ll tackle how to identify rhythms and the most logical ways to play them on the instrument for efficiency of playing. Never ask for the strumming pattern again and learn some new right hand techniques along the way. While we will work o some more advanced rhythmic concepts this workshop is accessible for anyone that can play three chord and do a basic down and up strum. Building up from the basics we’ll go through three songs and figure out together how to make the groove.
3:30 PM in the Event Room – Basic Music Theory Applied to the Ukulele – Beginner/Intermediate (Glen)
Speed up your ukulele learning curve with an understanding of basic and simple music principles. Like learning basis spelling and rules of grammar improve communication skills so called music theory can do the same for ukulele playing. Deriving chord shapes, e.g. 33 C major chord shapes from the nut to the 12th fret, each with a different voice.
4:30 PM in the Event Room – The Power of the C Major Scale – Intermediate-Advanced (Christopher)
All you need is one scale. Understanding the building blocks of music through ukulele will enable you to unlock the full potential of your instrument. We’ll look at how music is built from 7 simple notes, numerous ways to play those notes on the fingerboard, as well as not just how to play chords but how they are built.

We are asking that you register for these classes, as space is limited: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLScZE.../viewform

*Free: costing nothing; not needing to be paid for
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