Are we discussing the HMS Kamaka Giveaway Photo Contest?


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Oct 12, 2011
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Windsor, VT USA
Did I miss where people were discussing this or are we "not" discussing it?


I assumed that most of us had entered so I didn't plan on asking for votes but I'm surprised I didn't see any posts discussing the contest itself (as their had been for the Blackbird and Pono giveaways).

So, new thread? Wrong thread?

I'm pretty excited, though I don't think I have much chance (I'm currently running 9th). Some really nice photos though and WOW what a prize!!

Big :cheers: to HMS for doing this.
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Yes, why was there no earlier discussion? Then I could have taken part too! ;)
Totally missed out on that one.

Good luck for you, Sporin!
There was also a bit of discussion in this thread too:

I'm currently 12th...need a miracle of some sort to happen :p .

I need a miracle for a miracle since I'm on the lower part of the second page. There are over 350 employees in my office, several hundred FB friends and other social forums with over 10K members and even with bribes of donating to charities etc I can't get any votes. :(
thanks! I've subscribed there as well. I shared some of the initial ??? about folks that seemed to have found a way to game the system but HMS and WizeHive seemed to have locked things down pretty quickly and are dealing with the manipulators.

I know it's a long shot, but I'm bugging everyone I know every day until it's over because... what do you have to lose? Nothing. HMS is awesome to do this and the chance to walk away with a Kamaka? That's invaluable to me.
I was a bit suspicious of the photo that screamed ahead of everyone in the first 24 hours, but her votes were increasing in groups of 2-4 in regular (short) intervals so something must have been fishy...

I'm also praying here, because as a student I saved up to get a ~$200 uke and would never dream of buying a Kamaka myself, at least for a long time. It's a gorgeous instrument (and it's absolutely awesome HMS is giving it away for free). I hope whoever wins can appreciate that fully.