Ask a stupid question

a lunatic upon doordash delivery to the Moon.

How many nuts it takes to replace a bulb?
I don't know yet. I keep eating them but the bad bulb is still there.

How many nuts to change a tire? (hint: it's less than to change a bulb)
Three walnuts and a brazil nut.

Where is the 12th of Never?
Somewhere on the coast of Illyria, five days after New Years day.

Where are the google street view guys?
Because I'm busy picking my nose

Should I go outside and fart at a random person?
Yes maybe but the person should be carefully considered. (With great power comes great responsibility.)

Which super hero has the best power?
It's often overlooked that Aquaman can breath under water. Will be useful in the future.

Is global warming just the end of an ice age?
I suspect it might have more to do with it than we are led to believe.

Do you like the smell of gasoline?
Yes, especially when mixed with the smell of freshly mowed grass.

Just because.

How hungry was the first guy to eat a lobster?
He did it on a dare. Possibly a triple dog dare.

What’s the best uke for metal?

Ibanez UICT100 Electric-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele, Metallic Gray Sunburst!​

What's the best uke for wood?
Hmm. For kindling: something from Mitchell, maybe. To build a bridge out of it: Fluke SB

Do you dig graves?
No, I dig rock and roll music.

Did you know that Darth Vader was the father of Uke?
I did, but apparently I’ve been mispronouncing his name all along.

Why does my cat do that?
Call MacGyver.

MacGyver's drunk, what will Dave Ramsey do?
Back away and hope MacGyver is too inebriated to open his Swiss Army Knife.

Does Aquaman eat seafood?
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