Ask a stupid question

Yeah, it's like a dog eat dog world under the sea.

Does a Swiss Army Knife have a bayonet clip?
Nope, but Victorinox manufactures bayonets for the Swiss military.

Do the remaining payphones still work?
No, they keep them there for Superman.

Who was in control, the puppet or the puppet master?
The puppet was until it met its master.

Are there werewolves in London?
Not very many, most moved away to Newport on the Isle of Wight for a better quality of life.

Did Tin Pan Alley ever get upgraded after aluminum became cheaper and more plentiful?
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Twice; once for aluminum and again for stainless steel.

Are Annie and Pepper related? (Potts)
If Blues Clues is to be believed, they are married.

Why did people soak their hands in dish soap in TV ads during the 1970s?
To sell more Palmolive.

Do palm trees have olives?
Perhaps, in Mary's garden.

Are nursery rhymes really for kids?
Hokey Pokey?

What's that all about?
"Who’s the band on stage?”

“No, the Band’s on Later. That’s the Who."

“That’s what I want to know!"

When Peter Parker’s "spidey sense is tingling”, is it really just nerve damage?
Could be early onset shingles.

Do spiders have "people sense"?
You know, I’ve never asked a spider of they have people sense, horse sense, or anything else. I’ll go with definitely maybe.

Who would win in a fight between the American Vogue editorial staff and all of Bill Cosby’s favorite jazz musicians?
Lady Gaga covering Madonna.

What do you call a cover of a cover like if you sing Joan Baez’s version of “No Women No Cry”?
If I sing a cover of a cover (or a cover, or an original) it’s called a war crime.

I know you are, but what am I?
A war criminal?

What does a rolling stone gather anyway?
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