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Oct 3, 2021
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I'll start.

What object is immediately to your left?

What is your favorite uke that you own?
The combination of water, gelatin, sugar, and flavoring.

At what age did you begin to read?
2. No, I'm serious. I have some...abnormalities lol

Do you like avocados?
US 8/EU 39.

What show are you currently bingeing? (If you would answer none, please skip the question.)
Nothing right now, last I binged was the X files.

Do you drink coffee?
I'm 50 years old and I've not said it once.

If you could own just one ukulele, which would it be?
Oh man that's hard. Probably my Snail right now, but very dependent on my mood.

Why have you not used the word nope ever?

Hmm next question...When did you last pick your nose?
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