Ask the person after you a random question

I tried my Dad's harmonica. It was a big old Hohner Chromatic. Never did get the hang of it.

Whats your favorite music genre?
Harmonica was mine as well! And I was interested in it because my dad played it too. :) very similar! And, no, I couldn’t get the hang of it either.
To answer the question..I love so many, it’s really difficult to answer this. But if I HAD to pick one I’d probably go with Classic Rock.

Do you have any random hobbies or talents? Care to share?
I'm the king of random hobbies. Since you asked for just one: Glass art. I used to blow glass, but have shifted primarily to kiln-formed glass. Here's a pate de verre bowl 965FE251-5EC0-4AB2-B013-78591D3D7F4D.jpeg

What is your favorite Broadway show? (Just got back from Hamilton)
Ooops, didn’t see the posting
oldie, but still a favorite is, West Side Story

What is your favorite reading genre
To add in my answer there, The Phantom of the Opera.
But, that’s not my question 😁 I wish I was a great reader, but I’ve never picked up on it a whole lot. However, I love personal growth and understanding myself better, so I’m not sure where self-help books would land in genre?

Which city is the biggest city you’ve visited, which is your favorite that you’ve visited?
Had to do some research, but looks like Chicago is the biggest city I've visited. Largest population by far. Favorite city? Hmmm... I'm not a big "city" person. I visit cities either because I have to, or to see things. So, far from the favorite PLACE I've visited, but I'd have to say Washington DC is my favorite city. LOTS to see there.

What one thing did you read or watch as a teen or pre-teen that changed your view of the world for the rest of your life? (for me, it was Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" series on PBS when I was 13)
Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter. (at age 19)

Math, Art & Music all tied up in a crazy knot.

What is the most amazing building you've ever been in?
The Gateway Arc in St Louis. (Maybe not a "building" in the strictest sense of the word but it did get built.)
Amazing elevator ride to the top.

What's the most amazing place or thing in your home town?
Bunnell, Florida has a population of around 2700 but is also the second largest city in Florida.

Have you ever been noodlin'?
I’ve had fried catfish breaded with like a cornmeal breading..Pretty good! So, yes, I guess so. :)

I’m trying curry chicken tonight for the first time in my life! Do you like curry chicken?
I was going to ask for clarification on what kind of curry, but I'm not sure I've met one I didn't like! Except from the cafeteria at work. They somehow made curries bland. But that's an execution problem not a class of dish problem. And now I'm hungry.

Do you know your 3rd cousins?
I tried it and I gotta say I’m not a fan! :) I don’t know what it is, I just didn’t care for it.
Ohhhh, I’m not sure if I do! 🤔 I probably do and don’t even know we’re related bc I discover 1st and 2nd cousins on accident all the time! I come from a very large family: mom had 11 sibs and dad had 13. I have probably over 200 first cousins and go from’s very difficult to keep track of them all.

What is the earliest memory you have?
I have two memories that are probably my earliest. Both when I was 3-4 years old. One, I was at home, Dad was "watching" me, he was asleep, and I was playing... in the clothes washer. Who knows why, I was 4! But, I got stuck in the washer tub, and freaked myself out. Don't remember details of whether I got out on my own or not, but I remember being stuck!

The other was around the same age. You know how sometimes right after you turn off the lights, lying in bed, you just get that sudden almost vertigo-like feeling of "smallness", like you're shrinking or something? This was the first time I felt that, and I screamed!

What's weird is that I never went to Kindergarten. Skipped that and went to 1st grade a couple weeks before my 5th birthday. I have some memories of 1st grade. And I remember absolutely NOTHING of 2nd or 3rd grade. Things pick up with 4th grade.

Name your top 5 favorite guitarists, because narrowing it down to 3 is too hard... even 5 is hard, there are so many! (BB King, David Gilmour, Gerry Garcia, Duane Allman, Mark Knopfler, Peter Green... crap, that's 6)
Django Reinhardt, Eric Clapton, Doc Watson, David Bromberg and Ana Vidovic

Electric or Acoustic guitar?
The other was around the same age. You know how sometimes right after you turn off the lights, lying in bed, you just get that sudden almost vertigo-like feeling of "smallness", like you're shrinking or something? This was the first time I felt that, and I screamed!

Oh my. Curious you mention this, I thought I was the one weird person in the world who got that.
Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Have an open mic opportunity coming up next month, and it's a coin flip whether terror or excitement will win. My head knows it's a friendly audience, but my gut's not convinced

Just got back from watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off at the drive-in (bwow-bomp-bomp. Chicka-chicka). What's your favourite John Hughes film?
Breakfast Club, of course. Ferris is a really close second. He's my hero.

Star Wars or Star Trek? (I'm no trekkie by any means, but I like the "science based" fiction of Star Trek much more than the pure fantasy and mythology of Star Wars)
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