Ask the person after you a random question

I never wear Aloha shirts. Never. Although, I saw a guy wearing a dinosaur themed one this weekend...

"Cowboy" hats. Plain or fancy hatband?
Closest I've got is a straw Stetson Panama hat. Smooth black leather hatband, nothing fancy.

Button or pullover shirts / blouses? Me, just button sport shirts. I don't think I own anything else, not even one T-shirt.
Button long sleeve shirts in public. Old man arms...

T-shirts for sleeping.

Do you enjoy camping out or prefer a hotel/rental?
Too old for the discomfort of camping. I like an old Mom and Pop motel, but those are scarce.

Do / did you prefer camping from a backpack or car camping? I think car camping is "cheating".

We've been doing this thread like "This Or That". It's supposed to be one question, not a two way choice.
I've done a little bit of backpacking, never car camping. I prefer hotel/rental.

Do you go out to movie theaters? We haven't been since Covid days.
Haven't been to movie theaters since Covid. I don't feel like I'm missing anything though it might have been good to see Oppenheimer there.

I was just reading about Barbra Streisand's new book. (That's the first time I realized how she spells her first name.) The book is 970 pages long and the audio book is 48 hours. Would you read something that long?

I read Mark Lewisohn's Tune In, which is about that long. I didn't read the extended version though which is even longer. But overall, it's unlikely I'd read something that long. Too many other things to do and to read.
Yeah, I'd read thousands of pages if they were well written. And I've set down many shorter novels because they were so hard to get through.

Is there any movie that was better than the book it was based on?
Books are always better.

I forgot about the book Oppenheimer, which is another long one that I recently read. So I guess if I'm interested, I do get through long books.

Do rainy days bring you down?
Rain is a blessing over here in the desert.

How do you feel about "progressive rock"? I think it's a blasphemy.
Them's fightin' words! What is progressive rock a blasphemy to? Prog Rock is one of my favorite genres. 1971-1974ish. Great stuff!

But, rock in itself is and has always been "progressive". It started as a progression of blues, and it continues to evolve.

Have you ever designed anything using CAD?
No. I don't have a Cad, or even a Jag .... 🤪 .... (I know what CAD is)

Ever cut a loud one in church?

I knew someone who did, at a memorial service. Everyone snickering sort of ruined the proper mood, but the dead guy would have enjoyed that send off .. :giggle:
I cut my toenails about 1/4 as often as my fingernails. I'd guess about once per month or so.

Should I buy a 1979 MG Midget?
Definitely not, you should hold out for a "Bugeye" Sprite.

Have any of your kids mentioned how fast the family car could go? My son did when he was older and living on his own.
Bugeyes are cool! But, everybody wants those, thus they are pricey. I want an unloved "rubber bumper" late 70's Midget. Same car, not as pretty. Cheap, simple, realiable (ish), FUN!

Oh, my son skipped the whole "drive the family car" stage, so he didn't do that in my car. But, he did lose his license in his mid-20's (when he finally got it together enough to afford a car) by getting several tickets, and ultimately getting his license yanked for no insurance. One of the things he did was get a ticket for 95 mph driving an old rusty Cavalier. (while having no insurance) So... yeah. Me? I can't say that I never drove my Mom's 1981 Grand LeMans up to 80 mph back in the age of 55 mph speed limits and 85 mph speedometers. 80 was "really fast" for a teenager back then!

What's the most "outside the box" project you've ever undertaken? (I have a lot of them)
From above, older sports cars? Sunbeam Tiger. Had a 289 Ford V-8 !

By "outside the box", you mean improvised? I guess the interior of a 1963 Chevrolet panel truck. Paneled, carpeted, bed and refrigerator. More difficult than the later vans.

Where would you go on the vacation of your dreams?
I heard about a ukulele festival in Northern Finland that’s held in the Winter.

Do humidifiers work if they’re frozen?
Do you mean electric house humidifiers? Maybe very little as it thaws. Frozen water can't become vapor. The heating elements could short out from the strain.

Uke humidifiers? NO. It will make your uke colder, like putting it in a refrigerator! Ever put an ice pack in a cooler to chill some beer? Same thing.

TV in your bedroom? I have an old 20 inch but it only works for broadcast channels or DVDs. I rarely have it on.
No electronics in the bedroom unless you count a clock radio.

Do you rake leaves or just leave them until spring & hope they magically disappear?
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