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I no longer have trees, had two sugar maples taken down years ago. So the leaves aren't mine and I don't care. Very few get in my gutters.

Favorite kind of candy?
I don't rake anything. Lawn guy mulches the grass and blows the sidewalk/driveway. Backyard has a small-leaf oak tree that takes care of itself. Front yard, until recently, had a bottle brush tree that also took care of itself. So, yeah... they pretty much magically disappear!

Going back a couple steps, fun fact: Ice actually CAN go from solid to vapor in certain conditions. It's called sublimation. It's usually what we think of dry ice doing, but water ice can do it, as well. Think of a light snow fading away. It's not melting to water. It's sublimating to vapor.

How many hours of sleep do you get each day? I usually go for 6-7 hours at night, and a 30-90 minute nap before or after dinner. I'm a night owl.
If I'm lucky I get 7, usually get 6.

Do you nap? Retired, I have the luxury of that almost every day. After a busy day, like a grocery trip, I have no choice.
I only nap if I'm sick.

What is your least favorite of the typical Thanksgiving (in the US) food items? Cranberry sauce probably tops my list though I actually don't like most of the typical Thanksgiving meal items. More for everyone else!
I don't care for cranberry either. So, my next to last is all the gravy. I like it on mashed potatos, but most people and restaurants tend to put it on the turkey and the dressing. I prefer them without it. With sweet potatos instead of mashed, I don't need gravy at all.

Do you eat something instead of turkey for Thanksgiving? I know we have vegans here.
Sometimes ham.

Shouldn't they have fake veggies made from meat?
Sounds good to me, but I don't think they would sell. Might as well eat the real deal!

What wine goes with turkey? Boone's Farm?
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(This is the single question thread!)

Do you plan to keep a gas vehicle? I prefer my 400 mile range and ten minute fill-up. No $5K battery.
I presently own a low-range EV (Smart car, 70 mile range). It's the future. There will come a time where fossil fuels will have much more limited and expensive availability. I don't think that will quite be in my lifetime, but close.

After selling my last manual transmission car earlier this year... I'm now looking for another one. I miss the driving engagement, the feel, the fun. I don't know that has "everything" to do with being a gas-powered vehicle. But, there's also not much point in an electric car having a transmission. So... because I like driving with a manual transmission, I'll probably try to keep a gas powered manual transmission vehicle in my fleet. I also like the low-tech simplicity of older cars. I love my Smart car for what it is, but the electronics are WAY too pervasive in it. As such, it won't be on the road for as many decades as an older, simpler car might.

Currently shopping for an MG Midget. :)

Have you ever had a shoulder "rotator cuff" injury? I'm there right now. Both shoulders. Just enough pain to be annoying.
No. I got lucky, spent 23 years spinning a steering wheel on a transit bus, Four turns lock to lock. They have power steering, but still harder than a car. My shoulders are a little stiff at times, just what comes with age.

Have you ever broken a bone? Lucky again, no. I might have cracked my nose back in grade school, hit in the face with a dodge ball.
A Great Dane broke my nose. He didn’t mean to.

Have you ever had a dog bite that needed medical attention?
Again, my fault. The dog (not the Great Dane) was trying to bite another dog who was having a seizure & I stupidly got my hand between them. Had to have someone take me to the ER when I couldn’t get the bleeding stopped.
No but I would have a seizure if one tried to bite me.

Do you have medical insurance for you pet(s)?
No. Only one situation where it would have been a good thing.

Any pets sleep on the bed with you? My dog does for maybe two hours, then he moves to the couch. Only he knows why!
Yes, there is always at least one dog hogging the bed. I've been pushed out of bed by a dog wanting more room to spread out. 🤣

Do your pets enjoy music? Mostly mine haven't cared one way or another, but one is very particular. She loves certain music and makes it clear that she can't tolerate others.
Not now. I had a Westie that would lay in front of a speaker when I played Big Band CDs. Other music, nah.

Do you have an old style stereo system? I did, covered most of a wall. Now I have "executive" compact CD systems that fit on a desk. With modern electronics I get good volume and bass from 4 inch speakers, wow.
Yes! Turntable, dual cassette tape deck, tuner, CD carousel and an integrated audio amplifier driving two speakers on stands.

Favorite old school audio media?
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In a way, 78 rpm records, since I'm playing 78s transferred to CD. I no longer have a turntable, but I own a few dozen 78s. Some are framed, the rest stored. I can hear all of them on the CDs.

What is on your feet in your home? ..... Slippers, to keep outside dirt outside.
Socks, to keep the heat in.

Is it snowing yet? (It is here.)
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