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Warm socks and slippers with good treads.

No snow down here hence all the "snowbirds".

This is a strange question... When you are in a hot tub, do you prefer the jets turned on or just plain water? It can be a point on contention among the old folks down here.
I've only been in a hot tub twice, on vacations. They were private. I would not do communal. Movable jets can be fun ...... o_O

Have you swam in an ocean? I can't swim, but I've been waist deep in the Atlantic.
Yup, salt water swimming is the best. The waves make it interesting.

Favorite beach?
I remember being impressed with Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Do you send out holiday cards?
No. Nobody to send them to.

Real tree or plastic? My last tree was 3 foot tabletop size plastic. No tree now.
Once decorated a potted cactus. Yes, a risky endeavor.

Did Xmas trees really come from Germany?
Once decorated a potted cactus. Yes, a risky endeavor.

Did Xmas trees really come from Germany?
That's the rumor.
The fake trees come from places like Walmart.

Do you pay attention to any Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales or do you avoid them?
No. I avoid that stuff.

What is the best band name ever?
The Band

How far back was your last family immigrant? One of my great grandfathers was German. Came in before Ellis Island.
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Great grand parents. Irish, German, and Swedish. Irish guy was a police.

How old were you when you learned to tie your shoes?
Probably 4.

When did you get first instrument? 14. a Harmony Silhouette Bobkat with a Fender Champ Amp.

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I was 4. It was a small piano like the one Schroeder, the Peanuts character, had. It was all my parents could afford at the time. Started lessons shortly thereafter. It’s amazing just how much music you can get out of a toy piano.
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I’ll go with “Your question?” being the question. 🙃

Have you started Christmas (or holiday) shopping yet?
I did buy one thing for my mom today.
I don't do any. Only one relative, brother, and we decided it's silly for us to swap presents. We do that year round for no certain reason. Christmas is just another day. All the commercialism ruins it anyway.

Do you enjoy "me time", being all by yourself? That's 98% of my time, like it or not.
One of the reasons I stay up to 2-3am most nights is because I enjoy my quiet "me time". Wife goes to bed at 11pm. There are times I like to hang out with friends, and I enjoy time with my wife. But, yeah, I really enjoy my time alone. That's usually when I play my uke.

Back to holiday shopping and commercialism, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. We quit decorating for Christmas (and other holidays) years ago. And also decided that it's silly for us to buy gifts for each other. "No occasion" gifts are better. And buying gifts for extended family is equally silly. I found that most of those gifts either get returned, re-gifted, or pitched. What's the point? Bah Humbug Merry Christmas!

What's the first "pop song" you can remember hearing as a child? I think mine might be "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night. When you're 3, it's really cool to sing about your friend Jeremiah the bullfrog.
I remember my dad liking stuff like Hank Williams and Fats Domino. First "pop" song I remember and the first 45 record I bought was "Twist And Shout, the Beatles. I don't remember what the flip side was. I had poor taste when I was ten, now I know that was one of their worst songs.

How old were you when you got your own first record player? I think 15, a nice Sony compact. It opened me up to a lot of music, it had a great radio that picked up WGN in Schenectady NY at night. That was over 600 miles. WGN was big on new performers like ZZ Top, Allman Brothers, and Bonnie Raitt. Way before a local station would have played them. I remember Raitt's third album was out before stores stocked the first and second.
I got my first record player in my late twenties. It was actually a turntable, amp and speakers. Couldn’t get one earlier because I moved around a lot in the Navy and in my younger days.

Grabbed the Beatle’s Revolver album for my first record. What was yours?
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