Ask the person after you a random question

Beatle's Twist And Shout, on a 45, as said in last post. I think first album was maybe Allman Brothers at Fillmore ?

First effects pedal? Mine was a Vox Wah pedal
I had a distortion effects pedal. NGL I'm envious of the Vox Wah, what a classic.

Does anyone use hearing aids? I'm in the market since I got the Medicare.
Nope. I'm lucky, done lots of things that aren't great for your hearing, and I haven't always been careful about protection.

Do you carry a change purse? I have one that was a Tandy Leather kit. I hate trying to scoop loose change out of my pocket,
I just don't carry change. I don't often use cash if I don't have to. When I get change, it's usually at a convenience store and I look for the "take a penny/leave a penny" tray or a donation bin. If it makes it to the car, it goes straight into the cupholder. If it makes it as far as the house, it goes in a change jar.

How big is your wallet? I carry a "minimalist" wallet. Just big enough to carry a few cards, DL, and some cash. I used to carry a slightly bigger tri-fold wallet, but when I started carrying a phone in the same pocket... and then that phone started getting BIGGER... I went minimal with the wallet.
I used to carry a money clip when I had to wear nice suits at work - a wallet ruins the line of a nice suit, IMO. Then, I lost GBP£3500 I was supposed to be paying to a builder and I went back to a velcro wallet. ADHD tax was high that day!

Do you think ceramic tiles are a mistake in the front room of a house, or would you prefer a wooden floor?
I like wood floors.

If you could have one magical power, what would it be?
Shape shifter. You know, run like a deer, swim like a fish , etc, etc.

Best meal you’ve ever had?
It was a bar of chocolate on top of a mountain in Wales in february. It was raining.

Is it better to haxe loved and lost, or to have never loved at all?
Depends on how good the love you lost was!

Should opposite political views ruin a friendship? I just lost one, her choice. :(
Sorry that the friendship was lost due to differing political views.
It would be great if we could focus on the things that unite us but lately there is more of a focus on the things that divide us, unfortunately.

What is your favorite holiday?
It's a toss-up. National Ukulele Day February 2, or National Donut Day the last Friday in June.

How many checks do you write a year? Me, maybe two.
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I got a traffic ticket a few years ago, and I usually pay those by check and mail it in. I noticed that the last check I wrote was 3 years before that... for a speeding ticket. And 3 of the last 5 checks that I'd written were for traffic tickets! I wasn't regularly writing checks for anything else, and those could be paid online. I was writing one check every 2-3 years! I decided to close my checking account and just go with a savings account and a credit card maybe 5 years ago. (maybe longer, I don't remember) My CC is auto-paid from my savings account. Every financial transaction is either CC, electronic, or cash. Mostly CC. My paycheck transfers straight to the savings account. I just check on things every month to be sure the money is flowing properly.

So, computers happened. The internet happened. Electric cars happened. What do you think the "next big thing" will be?
The elimination of cash and with that, the elimination of national currencies.

Is the ekoa tree native to the San Francisco Bay Area?
Is the ekoa tree native to the San Francisco Bay Area?
It may have been. The Blackbird factory was destroyed in a fire a few weeks ago, so at the moment ekoa may not be native to anywhere.

Would you rather travel back in time to fix a bad day or relive a good day?
I'm not sure I'd want either. I am a better, more rounded and more interesting person than I was in the past. Would I appreciate the happy memories if there was something I didn't like but also didn't notice first time round? And likewise if I didn't have any bad days because I'd "fixed" them, would I have had the good days that followed on?

Do you think humanity can be trusted with the world we live in?
No, but there's no alternative. Too many people are dumb as a doorknob when it comes to major issues and they don't give a thought to the long term consequences of their actions. But AI is definitely not an alternative. It's only as smart (and sane) as the people that program it, no thanks.

Do you think we're headed for some cataclysmic event; whether political, military, or natural?
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Sadly, yes. Possibly very soon. At least we've got our ukuleles to hopefully help us get through difficult times.

What is a recent act of kindness that has helped remind you that there are good people in the world?
Perhaps Taylor Swift helping the homeless;

Picked out a calendar for next year?
No, but we haven't been to get pumpkin empanadas for a while. They give away beautiful calendars with Aztec imagery.

Do you display your political views? Signs, bumper stickers, hats, etc.
No, and for good reason.
Those will also remain unseen!

How often/how much do you practice?
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