Ask the person after you a random question

UkuLovely, you started at the beginning of this thread, and we're way, way past that! Gotta skip to the end and answer the most recent question! (I'd have to answer your questions with "no milk", as I don't even drink coffee)

The most recent question was... Favorite day of the week!

I'm gonna go with Tuesday, especially if I have the day off, which I try to do. Monday is just too Mondayish. Wednesday is too humpy. Thursday might as well be Friday. I don't mind Friday's, as I usually have them off. But, nobody cares about Tuesday, it is a day with no expectations. No pretense. No plans. Besides, Moody Blues wrote a great song about it! Tuesday. Definitely Tuesday.

When you look at a clock, are there any times that haunt you? My wife and I are obsessed with 11:11, we always seem to notice it.
For me it’s 44 like when I wake up, it’s often times like 8:44 am or 4:44 etc

what’s the time of day you like most?
Right now is fine and it was memorable a little while a go but I can't wait for what's next.

Have you heard the Scorpions, "Life is Like a River"?
No, but I just started listening to it on YouTube.
Not sure what I think of it yet.

Are you doing any Spring cleaning?
Yes, thinning down the uke herd and shredding old paper work.

What do people do during the other seasons?
Hibernate in the winter, sweat in the summer, and clean up leaves in the fall.

Any unusual hobbies?
Just to eat out of the bag, I like plain ol' potato chips, classic sour cream & onion, and jalepeno flavored chips. But, my absolute favorite is tortilla chips with just about any kind of dip. Salsa, guacamole, queso, hummus, it's all good! Except that it's all bad, because I'm supposed to be on a low-carb diet.

What do you like to do more: Slides, bends, hammer-ons or pull-offs? I love doing bends, but I'm coming around to slides, hammer-ons I'm not good at, and pull-offs are beyond me.
Bends but more on amplified guitar.

Do you like board games?
I get bored playing games. (Except word games.)

Do gas prices have any basis in reality?
They sort of do, but the reality is manipulated by the oil companies. "Oh, look, we're short on oil... because we reduced our drilling capacity 6 months ago."

What's the largest bonus your employer has ever given you? (as a percentage of your salary, if you'd prefer not to talk dollars) My wife works in the corporate world, and she gets annual bonuses usually in the 3-5% range. I'm a business owner, so we take a moderate "salary" and then take further "distributions" from the company if we're doing well. That adds up to about 45% of my income that could sort of be considered a "bonus". (if the business was not healthy, we'd try to still pay ourselves our salary, so the rest is bonus based on performance) A friend of mine's boss just gave him a Porsche for a "bonus"! It's a 17-year-old Porsche, but it's nice. Probably worth over $20k. For him, that was about a 25% bonus.
Close to 10%. I guess the company was very profitable that year.

Anybody you know still seeing spots after the eclipse?
Nopey pants. I didn't watch the eclipse. I was probably binge-playing hyperbullet chess at the time.

Who would you prefer to meet in the woods? You can pick a bear...a human man... or a 12ft rosy maple moth who's harmless but really annoying and never shuts up.
I'll take the moth. It may never shut up but I'm good at ignoring humans like that, so should be able to block out the moth too. Besides, the moth sounds lovely looking.

If you could spend a day with any musician, (it's a fantasy, so could be someone who in reality is no longer with us, if you want), who would you choose?
Either Jackie McLean or Alan Hovhaness. By all accounts, McLean was always serious and genuine. Hovhaness was well-studied in world musics. Both were ceaseless fountains of influence and inspiration, and both revered the musical arts. I would love the opportunity to live a day in their presence.

If you were commissioned to compose a work for the coronation of a new monarch of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, what instrument(s) would your score call for?
A celtic harp.

Have you, and your friends or family, ever created improvisational music using a random assortment of items from your kitchen cupboards?
Sorry, no. It was a musically challenged environment.

What ingredient best represents Italian cuisine?
Garlic? Oregano? Pasta? IDK, but I do know no one likes my cooking. :ROFLMAO:

Anything worth watching via streaming or over-the-air (OTA) TV? I have Disney/Hulu for the moment so I can watch Let It Be, but don't know of anything else to watch there. I usually just have OTA TV, which rarely has anything worth watching.
Let It Be was fascinating to watch. They did a good job of presenting the story. If nothing else, Disney has a lot of behind-the-scenes shows that are interesting. Stuff like the history behind the theme parks, history of the classic Disney cartoon machine, modern Disney cartoons, etc. I remember my wife binging a lot of that stuff, and I sort of watched it. It was fun stuff.

Hulu has some original series that are good. I remember "Santa Clarita Diet" from a few years ago, it was fun to watch. Hulu also has a lot of "classic" television series you can watch. (M*A*S*H, for instance) I find that a lot of the limited original series on networks like Hulu and Netflix can be exponentially better than the crap we used to watch on television because they give them a lot more budget. Oh, "The Orville" is also great. It's a comedic knock off of Star Trek, freakin' hilarious... but, also very good in every way from stories and script to effects and costumes.

Has anything in particular that you've ever watched on television helped to shape your life? For me, Carl Sagan's discussion on religion in his Cosmos series made me realize that I was an atheist when I was about 14, I'd never really considered it before that.
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