Ask the person after you a random question

Yes, same here. Land line first, cable TV second and Internet service battling it out with cell service.

Was the printing press the first example of "mass media"?
Seems like a reasonable label to put on the printing press. Spreading news via oral means or carrier pigeon wouldn't have covered as many people.

If you could go to a performance by one musician in history, (current or past), who would it be?
WAM! (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

What's the newest song in your repertoire?
Working on Brittni Paiva's version of Europa. Should be a fun one to play.

What's a song/piece of music you haven't yet tackled but would like to play?
That would be "Yesterday".

What's your "go to" ukulele?
Kinnard concert ukulele.

Do you enjoy fireworks? (I'll be spending the 4th of July trying to keep my dogs from killing themselves as they panic from the noise and smoke. They will be medicated as directed by their vet.)
I seriously regret the anxiety they cause veterans and animals, as well as the pollution they create. But I cannot deny that I do enjoy a well-done fireworks display. Some communities are replacing them with drone and laser shows, which can be quite effective. Perhaps this will be the direction the traditional shows take in the future.

What is your favorite breakfast?
Corned beef hash and eggs over easy.

Favorite lunch?
Peanut butter (smooth) on wheat bread. No jelly.

What is the scariest animal?

Fireworks displays. Have they always been "over the top" smoke shows? Did I just not notice that part when I was a kid? They just seem to go overboard these days to the point that you can't even see the fireworks for the smoke.
Hmmm, I never notice the smoke. Maybe it's too windy here. So I guess not so over the top smoke show for me.

Will they be replaced by lighted drone shows?
Smoke is so thick here that it’s hard to see through it. Official fireworks along with neighbors shooting things off all day & still going strong, so it’s all over the top.

I hope that lighted drone shows will replace fireworks, but doubt it. It would be better for the environment & have fewer risks but I think people are not willing to give up fireworks.

Do you prefer audiobooks, ebooks, or physical books?
I dislike audiobooks, but love ebooks and physical books equally.

Have you ever been hired for a position, and then quit at the end of your first day on the job?
I almost did that. I used to be an electronics repair tech. I took a job at Raytheon Aircraft in their flight test department installing electronic instrumentation on experimental aircraft. Really neat job! But, after a while, it started requiring me work some OT (not a fan) and to fly in said experimental aircraft. I don't like flying, anyway... especially not in experimental planes with hot-shot test pilots! So, I applied for a transfer into another department at the same time I was also seeking employment elsewhere. My transfer went through, AND I got hired for my first IT job (a career change that I was seeking) at the same time. So, I took the transfer and worked that job for just a week before quitting for the other job!

I had the opposite happen a few years ago. I was working as a temp for an electronics firm that was doing a bunch of parts inventory, I guess for tax purposes, or something. (writing off stuff) After about a month, they were letting most of the temp crew go (I think there were 5-6 of us), and they offered me a job to stay, as I'd created a database for what we were doing, and they liked that I had that skillset, plus a background in electronics. They offered me the position, but I didn't like the pay. I was honest with them, and had an email exchange with their HR department explaining that I didn't want to take the job knowing that I wouldn't be content with the salary. They offered a little more money, and I accepted. All of this happened while the owner was on vacation for a week. The day after I accepted, he came back, and I got an immediate notification that the offer had been rescinded. I guess he didn't like me!

What do you think the hourly minimum wage in the US should be right now?
$75 an hour.

Should waiters and waitresses by paid enough so they don't have to rely on tips to make ends meet?
Everyone should be paid a living wage.

If you could spend one day doing anything at all, no matter the cost or other real life constraints, what would you spend that day doing?
Eat a bowl of saimin, take a nap, maybe play ukulele after. (Guess I'm just a lazy guy at heart.)

Favorite noodle?
Anything with coffee in it. Mint is a close second.

(man, them noodles expired over 3 years ago!)

I have the next 3 days off, what should I play on my ukulele?
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