Baby Baritone: £1850

Pete Howlett

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Aug 20, 2008
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Wales, UK
This was a commission where I forgot I was making a 5 string, went into the workshop early and picked up the wrong neck and drilled it out for a 4 string!

Oh well. It's English Walnut and Englemann spruce with leadwood fingerboard and bridge. The neck is mahogany. It has a side port and is fitted with a passive under saddle pickup. Gotoh adjustable height tuners with ivory buttons are fitted to the pearl inlaid headstock. Owl inlay in4 types of pearl on fingerboard. Hand rubbed gloss Cellulose finish

Scale length is 18.75" and the body 10% bigger than a standard tenor making this possible to be tuned DGbe up to GCea. You'd obviously have to adjust string guages. The current D'Adarrio baritone set will go up to FBbdg - a great tuning.



What a beauty.
Uh oh. I feel that UAS bug. So beautiful. I’ve been looking for a spruce something. Is it a radius fretboard or flat, please? 1.5” at the nut?
Sadly conforms to non of your specifications which for any uke are 'options'. This has a flat fingerboard and a standard 1.375" nut. Why would you need it any wider? The standard .375"/ .385" nut spacing is far wider than guitar even capoed at the 5th fret which is where uke pitch is at.
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