No longer available Back on Market - Pepe Romero Custom, Tiny Tenor Supermodel, German Moon Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood

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Tiny Tenor
You ever feel like a bad uke owner?! Today, I was doing a couple different sound samples and I felt like this TT wasn't feeling right. Then I realized that I've always been trying different strings to find a sound that suits me and I never went back to Pepe strings for the sound that suits the uke!!

I'd been trying to fit the square peg etc... went back to the Pepe strings today and it really wants to sing! What I'm learning is that it's super delicate and responsive! It requires a gentle attack to get the sweetness out of it.... but it can also be a pure canon!!

I also realize that it probably comes from Pepe building flamenco guitars. The blancas are meant to be more of a percussive instrument that cuts thru the noise so the dancers can hear it. This uke definitely had cutting power!! Or perhaps clipping?!... mics, that is.

I had to move my mic a bit farther back than usual for this sound sample and it's still bright. I've been spending time chasing my own tone and not appreciating this one. The slightest nail brushing the string and this uke wants to speak. She's a touchy one!!

Anyways, as you can tell, I'm still enjoying this one and have missed it... but if you have the touch to tame this beast or wanna ride the wild thing bare back, it's all yours... for the right price. (Do it!!!)

Anyways... here's me trying both approaches...

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