Backing tracks a no-no?


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Jul 12, 2017
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Essex, UK
I’ve spent some time over recent days looking through stuff I’ve done in the past and long ago forgotten about, and I came across this video.
Recorded just using ‘Photobooth’ and the built in mic on my ageing iMac, it’s sound quality isn’t great, but it does show one of my very few experiements where I’ve utilised a backing track. (I know you can only see just the top of my guitar - sorry - but I *AM* playing during this, honestly.)
I’d be interested in hearing your usual (constructive only please haha) comments after you’ve watched it, and also what you feel about using ‘taped backing tracks’ when no one else is available to make music with you. Is it better that we just perform solo with our guitars/ukes, or do such backing tracks have a place?
Thanks guys, Dave

If playing out somewhere, playing with other musicians is great as it not only enhances the sound, but it is great to have the interaction and input of others. At the same time, the reality of things is often that there are other issues. Some venues don't have the space or don't pay enough to hire additional players.

If one is playing at home, it can make the experience more fun. It can also act like a metronome, keeping your time steady. I would have to say- whatever works for you.
Hi Dave:

I agree with EDW. In addition, this is my personal opinion, and others are welcome to disagree: when recording, using backing tracks are fine, as along as the volume doesn't overwhelm your playing. Your playing should be the primary instrument that comes through. In this case, your guitar was overwhelmed by the orchestra.

But if just playing along and not recording, then it doesn't matter. Just have fun.
Thanks guys. My own feelings and observations are the same as yours. Backing tracks are a funny thing. They need to be set up to try to enhance your performance and not overwhelm it as they did in my video. Also, on the odd occasion I get the chance to play with other live musicians (of whatever standard) I get a “buzz” I just don’t get playing along with a pre-recorded track. I suppose recorded backing have a place if circumstances permit though.
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