Baltimore, MD Ukulele Opportunities


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Sep 23, 2013
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Pensacola, Florida
In May my wife has a business trip to the Baltimore area. I am coming along as driver & valet. I will have time free during the day, is there any ukulele things worth checking out?
There are groups around. But not knowing where in Baltimore you will be,what days etc., it's hard to say. In Gaithersburg (my friend Nani runs) a group out of Victor Litz Music Store. There is the one I attend occasionally in Reston Virginia near Baltimore (sort of, lol). I happen to be out in the boonies in Berryville VA but would love to meet you for some jammin.
We will be staying in Timonium, MD. I have to check on the map to see where you are Bonesigh. I have seen some of your videos god skill level is way above mine
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