Bar frets for pre-1934 Martins


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Feb 18, 2013
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Petaluma, CA
Latest rescue is a probably 1920s Style 2, had Grover spring loaded tuners. The missing pieces I need at the 1st and 12th bar frets. I really like bar frets as buzzing problems are easily solved without filing, just raise or lower and still maintain the crown. Could also use an ivoroid button with horizontal striations. Thanks Dave in Petaluma
I've used small brass profiles from a hobby store, 1x3 and 1x4 mm as bar frets. Still do occasionally, my own main uke has them and I like it very much. They are quite easy to install, but I always set them at the bottom of the slots. If I would need to raise the action I would change to a taller fret, not raise it in the slot.

This is my first soprano, and the one I still play. You can see the frets in the pic.

Great looking frets. I refretted a rescued Style 0 with thin German Brass T frets. It sets off the gold tuners and decal. Not original but looks nice. If I can't find silver nickel bars like the brass ones I'll file down some T frets to match the width of the Martin Bar frets. Thanks Dave in Petaluma
Thanks LMI is right up the road The old catalog I have doesn't list it yet there it is. The discussion is spot on.
I've used this bar fret material. Check the dimensions. It's tall and thick for an ukulele, so you will have to manipulate it to fit. I used it to replace a fret-wire saddle.
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