Baratone Ukulele strung GCEA


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May 19, 2018
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I'm thinking of buying a Baritone Ukulele and stringing it GCEA , I wondered would the tension be higher? I assume it would just wanted the check with the experts .
Thanks Futurethink very helpful , I should have said it's an electric Baritone Ukulele I'm thinking of so the strings would be steel wound and plain . I watched a video with Octave ukulele tuning didn't like it.
You have a lot of options with steel strings. You'll just need to experiment with different diameters.
Is it an eleuke with bluetooth? Some other brand?
It's a company on Etsy called Fanner based in South Africa this is a screen shot of the Ukulele , it's a big investment so I need to be sure before I decide they said they could make a Tenor version so I have other options .


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