Baritone lovers- what is your favorite tuning?

I have Favilla and generally keep it tuned in F: CFAD. It sounds truly luscious. It definitely sounds way different than tenors, concerts, and sopranos but I wouldn't say that it sounds guitar like. I hear that comment a lot and I really dont agree. I think baris, or at least this one, offer something unique that isn't easily achieved with a guitar. They offer soul and sustain that isn't always available in the smaller uke but still retain the smaller intimate sound of a ukulele. And baris definitely fall short of giving you the full wall of sound that a strummed guitar can provide. I spent many hours today playing a tenor gCEA, a bari CFAD, and an acoustic guitar. Switching between them was a lot of fun and really helped me appreciate the attributes of each.

In summary, CFAD.
Haven't got mine yet but when I do it'll be either in open G tuning (DGBD with low D), in regular linear DGBE or in re-entrant DGBE.

(Not sure when to capitalise the D or not, sorry)
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