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Mar 29, 2012
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Maysville, Kentucky "on the banks of the Ohio"
Well, everytime I decide on what Baritone I want, I hit a snag and then my mind changes....anyway...

Now I'm looking at a Kala KA-KB koa. Looks like Austin Bizzare may have it stocked, but they don't do setup. I would really like to make sure this Uke leaves the store in top shape, which may not be a problem. Any sugestions where else to look for this particlar model.

If I were buying online, I'd want to buy from Hawaiian Music Supply, Uke Republic, or Mim's Ukes. They all do setups and provide great service. None of them seems to have in stock the Kala KA-KB at the moment, but if you contact them, one of them may be able to get it for you, or perhaps there's another Kala baritone that you might like as much. Good luck!
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