BatKing Ukulele

Aka Paisen aka Xinanduo aka Caramel? I don't know if they all come out of the same factory but they look the same and google image search thinks they are the same. And if my past experience with Amazon "brands" has taught me anything, the name Batking will be dust long before their ukes no matter their quality.
I sometimes wonder how easy it would be to face headstocks, lay a thin veneer over the logos, on these mystery brands...

Not difficult at all. I've bought veneer from Stew-Mac, and I've put it on headstocks of ukes I've built. If there is already a veneer in place, it would probably require removal.
I have seen countless products that appear the same other than the "brand" which almost seems to come from a random word generator.

Many years ago, in DOS days, I had a program that would generate names. I could select from different categories for parts of the word - animal, food, plants, etc.

Here's one, but it gives you real words. This would be good for poetry or song lyrics.

I almost bought a Bat King uke purely for the name. The name really fits their bass uke quite well. I believe this manufacturer makes Caramel as well, which seems to have a following.
These have been around for a while, I’m pretty sure both Rich Davis and Rachel Webley (Ukulele Wales) reviewed them. At one point, I reached out to do a review but never heard back.

I’m just not a fan of the oak leaf or goldfish Ovation design—but I know some people love that. I think Bat King had some other models as well.
By ordering it from the company, I saved the $8.00 sales tax.

It has a rod in the neck, which is unusual in a lower-priced uke. I was thinking about adding or replacing the veneer on the headstock, but that plate will complicate things. I'll decide what to do when it arrives.

If I can add a veneer, I'd like to put a different name or logo on it. Easier said than done, though. I'm not into doing inlays.
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