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Mar 14, 2023
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It appears that Aaron Keim is about to start taking orders for Beansprout Kingdom Era ukuleles in two sizes. This is pretty cool stuff and I am seriously considering getting in the queue for one once I build up the ukulele acquisition fund.

Kingdom Era Ukuleles - Sneak Preview!

Aaron has been prototyping instruments based on his research into 1890’s Hawaiian luthiers. His kingdom era instruments are the culmination of years of study, research and travel to Hawaii. In creating these ukuleles, Aaron hopes to give homage to the original builders while adding his own Beansprout touches. They will soon be available to order in soprano and tenor sizes. We’ll send out another email when the webpage is ready. In the meantime check out the pictures below!

(Photo credit: Kyle Ramey)”


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Wow looking forward to sound samples and more information
I really like that model. Great looking uke!
That's very cool... A number of luthiers have done Nunes or Santos style ukes (Kepasa, DaSilva, DJ Morgan, etc) but this looks like an original take. For one, it has a softwood top, cedar or spruce perhaps?
For one, it has a softwood top, cedar or spruce perhaps?
He didn’t mention in the email which woods he used on this particular ukulele. He has made a number of them now after the first one which he built using only hand tools available before the overthrow and using a grant from Mortise & Tenon magazine. He has been working with Shawn Yacavone to create accurate representations of those very early ukes based on the massive collection Shawn has assembled. It’s pretty exciting stuff for history enthusiasts (of which I am definitely one).


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For one, it has a softwood top, cedar or spruce perhaps?
The first one he built used Douglas Fir, which he said was common in the original instruments that he copied. He also built a version using all koa. Since Aaron is interested in doing a bit of his own take on these, I imagine there will be a few choices, likely including cedar and others.
so beautiful… I wonder how they will be priced.
I'm waiting to see and hear the Rajao size! Tenor scale. (y)
I'm dying to know how much they will cost.
I hope someone on UU bought it and will give us the inside scoop on this awesome uke.
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Just wondering where you found the pricing?
On the website.

#861- Cedar and Myrtle Kingdom Era Tenor Ukulele

Aaron Keim
April 9, 2024
This tenor ukulele grew out of my research into historic Hawaiian instruments of the 1880-1890’s. My models were instruments called the Rajao, a 5 string folk instrument that the first luthiers brought from Madeira. The scale length is 17” and the original tuning was dgcea, which includes our familiar gcea. For this build, I chose to just use four strings and call it a tenor ukulele, although I retain the body shape and size of the historic Rajao. I used the tools, techniques and materials of the original builders with a few modern improvements. This is not a copy of one builder’s work, but instead my own design inspired by their output.
The top is Western Red Cedar from near Bend, OR, provided by luthier Jayson Bowerman. The curly Myrtle is from the Oregon Coast, from Kevin at The Walnut fretboard/headplate/bridge is from a local tree that I milled. The Cypress neck was salvaged from a factory tank. It has modern, geared Peghed brand tuners, modern frets in a flat fretboard, fluorocarbon strings, bone nut and saddle and hand rubbed oil finish. It comes with a handmade wooden case, based off the originals, lined with cloth and made from salvaged Hemlock.

The price is $3000 including the case, plus shipping.
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