Bert Jansch and thumbpicking


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Aug 2, 2012
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New York, NY
Any Bert Jansch fans here on UU?

Huge fanatic right here.

Does anybody know what kind of thumbpick he used?

His right hand looks so comfortable in all of his videos. I'm trying to play the uke in that position. I've got my right hand in the correct position, and it is indeed very comfortable. Only trouble is my thumb barely touches the strings, due to lack of a thumb pick. :p
I like Bert Jansch. Here is something he spoke about in an old interview:

Is it true that you used to use a teaspoon bent round your thumb as a guitar pick?

Hmm, yeah well if I couldn't buy a pick or find one, I'd go into the kitchen and pick up the nearest spoon that was pliable, as it were, to bend round my thumb. The thing was, I saw an old film of Big Bill Broonzy playing in a Paris nightclub and he was using a thumb pick. From then on, I always used a thumb pick when I played. Whether it was a good thing or not I don't know!
His LUCKY 13 largely drove me to thumbpicks. But I prefer National steel or Fender (heavier) or Ernie Ball (lighter) plastic factory picks to impromptu bent spoons. So does my wife. "Don't **** with the silver, dude!" I can only say, "Yes, dear."
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