Best Fourth of July songs?

I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy by George M. Cohan in 1904.
I agree with KohanMike, The Yankee Doodle Boy is the best. America, the Beautiful is pretty great as well. I'm not a fan of The Star Spangled Banner or any of the multitude of sappy patriotic "country" songs.
Stars and Stripes Forever.
I'm partial to the original having played trumpet most of my life.
Close second would be Guy Van Duser or Chet Atkins playing it. Playing two melodies at once.
Funny story. When Chet passed, various people in the music business paid tribute to him. Guy Van Duser, a brilliant finger style guitarist had a great tale. He said that he and Chet became friends because I could play something he couldn't, meaning The Stars and Stripes. He hounded Guy to teach him.
Charles Ives "Variations on America" performed by the U.S. President's Marine Corps Band has to be in the running.

Watching (TV) “The Fourth in America “ with Navy Band in DC and fireworks there and NYC. Stars and Stripes Forever, This Land is My Land, and 1812 Overture (sadly sans cannons this year. They surprisingly had a couple of contemporary songs by navy vocalist. Get two more reruns on the West Coast.
Not exactly celebrating the 4th, but at least mentioning it:

Thanks everyone! Great selection :)

Well, the noise of distant explosions and fireworks going off is starting to increase (despite the fact it isn't even dark yet here) so it's America's big day to make some noise!!!

Let freedom bang!
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