Best GCEA strings for longneck/long-scale/super tenor?

Tommy B

Apr 30, 2009
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San Francisco or thereabouts, CA
Hive mind, do those of you who play long-scale tenors have a particular string you like? I have a Kala Super Tenor strung with Oasis fluorocarbon, but those strings just sound tight on that 19-inch scale. I’ve got it tuned a half-step down, which sounds pretty sweet, but I’d really like to get back to GCEA. Thanks!
A 19” scale instrument can require some string experimentation to get the right feel and sound. Going down in gauge, ie a concert string gives less tension and usually a brighter sound. But you have to make sure they are long enough in length. My 19” tenor is strung low G with wound G and C strings and paired with Living Water concert gauge florocarbon E and A strings.
I've got a regular tenor banjo with a scale length of almost 20 inches. I've got it tuned GCEA using Aquila banjo strings and it works pretty well.

I've used both the "minstrel" and the "classic" sets with much success.
Thank you, UkeCaster, DownUpDave and Knows Picker (lol)! Very helpful information. I’m not really familiar with all the strings out these days, and I don’t want to get into an endless and expensive cycle of trying lots of configurations. I went with Oasis because they tout their strings as suitable for soprano, concert and tenor, so I figured what’s one more scale length? But that extra two inches seemed to create just a little too much tension. The uke doesn’t sound bad with them; it actually sounds really good in GCEA. But it sounds better half a step down. I think the first strings I’ll try are a set of Aquilas that I have on hand for GCEA tuning on a baritone, since the scale is the same and I’ve already got those strings. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be looking into those other options. Many thanks, everyone!
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If the bari strings don't work out, talk to the folks at or and ask for recommendations. I'm sure they can figure out a set to meet your lower tension preference.
The two strings I am currently using on my long-necks are 1. concert Worth brown and 2. Fremont Blacklines. I tried to get concert Fremonts but they were too short and I had to buy tenor strings. Then I lowered the tension down to A tuning.
For my Erzatz Renn Guitar, a Bari tuned Low G, I’m currently using PhD strings for Low G bari. I’ve also used a low-tension Soprano set, which tuned up at a nice tension