Best regards from Anchorage

Welcome to UU steve_m, and a warm hello from Chicago! Hope you and yours are doing OK with all that snow that dumped on you.
Sending warm (too warm!) vibes from FL, where we’re in an extreme drought. What took you so long to post? Let us hear more from you, @steve_m. Meanwhile, stay warm.
A warm UUF welcome, Steve, from Atlanta, where the long autumn drought was finally broken yesterday by what has now stretched into two wonderful days of light rain.

My now- 87-y-o uncle lived for over three decades near Sterling, on Lake Tustamina [sp], and a cousin still guides Elk and bear hunts in the area.
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Welcome to UU, Steve! Great instruments you have!
Hi Steve_m,
It's great that you have gotten a lot of information from reading this Forum. It's pretty special.
When does the long night begin for you? The Auroras must be spectacular this year.
Stay warm. it's being unusually warm here in Wisconsin so far. I'm sure Mother Nature will lower the boom very soon.
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