best wishes to everyone at The Ukulele Site


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Sep 22, 2019
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Haleiwa Town, where The Ukulele Site retail store is located, was flooded today. Hope everyone is safe. I found these 2 videos on YouTube. First video is overhead, I assume from a drone. Second video is from a gas station that is 2 doors down from The Ukulele Site. If you watch the video in HD, The Ukulele Site retail store is in the same building as Killer Tacos. The Ukulele Site mail order business is run from a separate location that I think is outside of the flood zone.

Looks like more damage to their building than to their inventory. The ukuleles they sold at the retail store are mostly low-to-mid-priced models. They run their website sales from a separate location.
I sent mmstan an email. He used to post here a lot, and ID a lot of mystery ukuleles. He lives in Hawaii.
I talked to Andrew yesterday. The store took in some mud but damage was limited to the floor. A new floor that they’d just laid while remodeling during the Covid quarantine. All their inventory was hanging high and dry so no damage there.
Glad to hear that damage was limited and hopefully insurance will cover. This is our first March at home and this reminds me of three years ago when we were visiting Kauai and were trapped by a mudslide across the highway near Hanalei so we almost missed our flight to BI. I visited at least ten uke stores during those rainy weeks and shortly after Pele took away some of our favourite spots.
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