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Jul 11, 2015
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North Carolina
Hello to all. I am new to ukulele, but like many here, I have some background in guitar. In April, I purchased an Ohana CK-50wg, which was the best available in the area. I felt very cramped on the fingerboard, but I absolutely loved playing it. I ordered a KALA KA-SMHT about a month ago from HMS. Right after ordering, I blew out the rotator cuff on my right arm, so playing was a bit of a problem. I had surgery last week, and currently I am in a sling and relegated to reading all I can. I did notice, that I had gotten comfortable with the concert scale length while waiting on the tenor. I am afraid my biggest problem will be lack of willpower when I see a pretty Uke. I had that problem with Martin guitars, and the only thing that might save me, is that I am now retired and on a fixed income. Meanwhile, I have started saving for a Kamaka HF-3. I am happy to have found so many wonderful resources available on the Web. I am also thankful to have found this forum with it's wealth of information. Thanks for being here.
Welcome to UU. Looks like you are going to have one of each uke size before you are healthy enough to play.
Aloha and welcome. Glad you joined in and glad you joined in. Never too late to expand your source of enjoyment. Lots of users in the NC area and a couple of great shops in the area.

Enjoy and keep us posted
I can sympathize. I have a bum bicep tendon down at the elbow that prevents me from strumming. If your shoulder allows, maybe you can just down strum with your thumb on the quarter notes. That and fingerpicking are occupying my time while I recover again.
Greetings and welcome. Glad you joined us. Sorry about the shoulder. Hope all heals well.
Welcome to UU! Yes, financial limits keep UAS a little in check, unless you do the buying/re-selling thing. The process of saving up is part of the fun, though, and adds to the excitement of anticipation.

What made you consider the ukulele after extensive experience with the guitar?
I had just bought a Taylor GS Mini, thinking it would be more comfortable to play, and hold. I really liked it, but kept looking for something more portable and more comfortable. While looking at a parlor guitar at a local guitar shop, I noticed they had just started carrying ukuleles. The largest and nicest they had was an Ohana concert. I picked it up and fell in love with it. It was really what I wanted/needed. I brought it home, and couldn't put it down. I played for about 5 hours straight, the first night. I decided to switch to ukulele based on the amount of music available, the friendliness of the people sharing their love of the instrument, and the fact that it is "perfect" for where my mind is musically right now. I am really loving it.
Awesome! :) Those are the reasons why I went with the ukulele when I had looked for a portable instrument and a creative hobby (I had just turned forty and sports cars were out of my financial reach). Loved the sound, loved the portability, loved the lighthearted atmosphere that surrounds the ukulele, loved the accessibility -- and the community here was just the icing on an already delicious cake.

I sometimes catch myself looking at guitars, and mandolins too, but neither really gives me the same vibe as the ukulele does. (And guitars are huge! I never realized just how bulky they are before I got familiar with ukes!)
Welcome to the UU!! Keep saving for that are going to love it!!
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