Big belly's and holding a ukulele.


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Oct 30, 2022
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One of the more common results of aging is developing a big belly [we get kind of pear shaped, a pear with 2 toothpicks on the bottom for legs]. All of the info I've seen so far says to hold the uke with the top vertical to the floor [don't look at the frets]. My belly doesn't agree and causes the uke to tilt the top up. Any advice? And don't say lose weight, 'cause the belly doesn't cooperate there either.
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I don’t lose a lot of sleep about what position I’m holding the uke, as long as it’s comfortable for me to play.
Standing up with a strap, (as in my avatar) obviously it’s vertical, sitting down, not so much. If I don’t want to see the fretboard, I just don’t look at it…
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