Sold BIG price drop! 1920s Martin Style 0 Soprano - excellent condition

Included. Ships to CONUS only.
Metro NYC
I can't believe this one is still here!

Often people are asking about the best Martin style or copy. Here is the real deal, the one that helped build Martin's reputation, what we think of when we want a classic ukulele sound, it is the standard, a truly fantastic instrument. It is less money than a Timms, Kiwaya, Laughlin or any other good Martin clone.

I would be jumping on this if I didn't have the same instrument, although mine is not in as nice shape. Even then, it is really tempting!
I hear ya EDW :) at this price point, it's practically an investment purchase just to buy and sit on for the next vintage soprano "wave" but I don't like to be in that mindset. first of all, I like instruments to be played and enjoyed rather than just sitting in a case listening to other ukuleles have a good time 🤣 and secondly, I would like other people to be able to experience that great vintage Martin sound and playability!

if I knew then what I know now, I would happily save my pennies and make this my first serious ukulele. I know 600 dollars seems like a lot of money when there are pretty decent instruments out there, brand new, for well under 500 beans but the joy/sound/coolness factor of playing on one of the "OG" ukuleles....this is a no brainer!

so EDW...which one of us is going to goad the other into buying it first? :LOL:

so EDW...which one of us is going to goad the other into buying it first? :LOL:
I am trying to hold out until someone else buys it and then I can say "oooh, too bad I missed that one"

I get what you are saying about the Martin sound and playability. Years back when I started playing and become aware of the whole ukulele scene, I always heard people speak so reverentially about the Martins. I took all that with a grain of salt and perhaps thought they were just big fans of the name and the vintage vibe.

The first time I had the opportunity to play one, I immediately understood what all the talk was about!
"oooh, too bad I missed that one". :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Someone is getting a great deal on a fantastic instrument!
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