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Oct 30, 2017
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I am selling this Blackbird Clara in mint/like new condition. This ukulele has hardly been played. I have only strummed on it for a couple minutes. It was owned by a collector before me and wasn’t played. No Pickup. The case looks brand new. The base price for a new Clara is $1795 and it looks like blackbird will not be back in production until mid-end of 2024. So you are looking at a year to a year and a half for a ukulele. This Clara I am selling has $545 in upgrades (sunburst/gloss finish). I am selling this Clara for SOLD or best offer shipped. Someone could unwrap a like new Blackbird Clara on Christmas morning. I have sold ukuleles on this site and have sold many guitars on the AGF.

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Hello, I am wondering what other options you might have on this beauty. The glossy sunburst is only a $500. option.
Thanks for letting us know.
The sunburst is an upgrade as well. Blackbird lists the sunburst/matte upgrade at $445 and it lists gloss finish at $500. Those are the only two upgrades this ukulele has.

Unfortunately the inside of the Blackbird manufacturing facility burned and they had a total loss. I’ve spoken with one of Joe’s dealers and he said Joe loves making guitars and ukuleles so he is going to get things going again. It might just be a long while until Blackbird is in full production mode. Luckily it caught fire on the weekend when no one was working so no one was hurt.
If you spoke with them, they could of cleared up this question. You will have to pay only for one sunburst charge. You either pay for the glossy or just the matte sunburst finish. Not both if you want glossy. I have the glossy finish Farallon sunburst that I need to list for sale. Yes I heard they had a warehouse fire and will have to start over from the beginning again. They might not restart production again till mid to late next year.

Hopefully this situation might help sell our Blackbirds.
Got it that makes sense. I didn’t speak with blackbird directly just one of their dealers. So this Clara I am selling has 500 worth if upgrades.
This is from Blackbirds website Clara page
Yes, you can click on either and add it to the cart. Don't worry they will not charge you and ask you to pay yet.

You only can click on 1 of the sunbursts finishes not both. Then you will see your total. Still need to add taxes though.

Good luck someone should buy themselves a really nice Christmas present. If you want one size bigger get hold of me.

I will be selling mine because I am getting another highly optioned newer one from a personal friend who changed his mind having it.

He prefers his 10 string or banjolele now.???
Price drop to 1700 shipped.
I love my Farallon! Just a plain vanilla version. Living in the desert, not having to worry about humidity it sits right next to my recliner ready to be played on a whim even when I only have a couple of minutes. Sounds rich and full with great sustain. Highly recommended! (y)
blackbirds are definitely the best playing and sounding worry free ukuleles.

Price drop $1600 shipped
I love my Clara. I was thinking of selling my Farallon, then the weather dropped and Santa Ana winds dropped the humidity to like 20%. That and the fire. These are great instruments!
Yup both the Farallon and Clara are great sounding and playing all weather instruments. I will say that they sound better the more they are played.

I have taken a new one out of the box and 45 minutes later and it is a different sounding uke. So, keep playing them.
Last price drop. $1300 or best offer shipped
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I wish I had $1300 for this. That’s a fair price. I would encourage listing on Flea Market Music and avoiding consignment if you can help it.
Thanks UkeStuff. I’ll give it a couple days over there.
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