Blackwater Ukulele 2016 - 2017 Festival Cancelled


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Aug 28, 2008
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Hi all,

The 7th Blackwater uke festival in 2015 was a big success. It was the second biggest event gate draw at Cypress Gardens that year. The storm and flood of the "millennium" in October 2015 closed Cypress Gardens indefinitely. A partial opening is projected in 2018. Because of that, the Blackwater festival for 2016 - 2017 at Cypress Gardens is cancelled.

I wanted to thank the employees of Cypress Gardens/Berkeley county for hosting the festival and wish them the best of luck as they rebuild their gardens. I wanted to thank all of you who attended, because you are what made it special.

We will be re-branding the festival as we look for a new venue and we will be holding new events. You all will be the first to know about it!!!! Here is the next event:

You are invited to UKEOWEEN on October 30th at Andrew Jackson State Park (Near Charlotte, NC) on Sunday October 30, 2016. Costumes are optional, but smiles aren't!!!.
Sad news. I was looking forward to going to this event this year since I couldn't go last year. Sad news about the gardens and the flood last years.