Breath Of The Wild

So, like...this game is the bomb.

I was so on the fence cause I started video games with Mario and graduated to Spyro and loved them. I'm bigger on puzzles than combat and I thought BOTW would be a bit too much combat. Turns out this is my kind of game! The graphics, catching horses, even the combat is super fun.

This game is a pioneer for (hopefully) more like it to come. Have ya'll played? Find anything similar that you liked?
I'm playing BOTW right now on a Switch and I'm really enjoying it. (Thank goodness for YouTube videos!) It's really helpful to have my daughter home as she's a gamer and has played it through once already. She follows the news on this type of thing and there's apparently a BOTW II in the works with an announcement possible on that later this year.

If you are into puzzles check out the Professor Layton series of games.
Playing BOTW on the TV from the Switch is so much fun. I am absolutely jazzed about the sequel. I started playing Immortals Fenyx Rising as well, which started out kinda clunky to me but I quickly loved it. It's also gorgeous and has some great comedy too. I'll have to check out Professor Layton. I also have a Switch.
Find anything similar that you liked?
I realize this is an older post, but check out Skyrim, which BOTW heavily borrowed from. It's much more complex with the character build, level up tree, etc.

Witcher 3 is also pretty good, and much more challenging boss fights, though it doesn't encourage exploration like the other two do because it tells you on the map where points of interest are. The story and acting are incredibly good though, and your choices have consequences in the late game.
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