Bridge pins for Lyon Healy “Shrine “ help


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Apr 5, 2022
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Could anyone tell me where I could buy bridge pins for a Washburn Lyon Healy “Shrine”? I’m new to the site and thank you in advance for your help!
Thank you for responding! They are a very special size… I may need to get a tool and die person make them?
Your best bet is to walk into a guitar/music store, show them to the guys there and find something that fits.
Bridge pins are a "guitar" thing, rather than historically being a ukulele thing. I'm reasonably confident that any ukulele bridge pin is just a guitar sized pin.
Measure them carefully if you want to be sure.
There are so many sizes available and if you can't find some directly suitable, find some too big and sand them down.

If you can't find any big enough, you could either plug the holes and then ream them to the suitable size or put some superglue on the sides of the holes, maybe several times and then ream to size.

You can get all sorts of sizes and reamers cheaply on Aliexpress if you don't mind waiting a month for delivery.

And in the end, the size doesn't really matter as the principle is that the string eye pushes sideways on the pin which then blocks the string from going up the hole.
The size of the pin just keeps it in while tuning the string.

I once just put in some thin barbeque wooden skewers just to test something, as I didn't have any pins. It works perfectly
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